Welcome to the home of the FEAR to LOVE Process.

Fear is a lower level vibration.  It is a place where our Ego keeps us from Living and Loving all that we do.   Our Ego lives in this Fear vibration telling us that we really can’t do this or that and we continually exist in the scenarios we have spent a lifetime creating. The FEAR to LOVE Process uses principles from NLP, EFT and other techniques to set up your timeline and break energetic ties that are holding you back from shifting to the life you dream of living.

What If…

  • it really is all a created scenario?
  • we really have the power to shift to the life we have always dreamed of?
  • it was really not rocket science?
  • it is possible?

Shift your beliefs…take control…Shift to Love

Get your copy of the book and let’s Shift Together from FEAR to LOVE